Commissioning is the process by which a piece comes to be written. The commissioning group can be a single ensemble or organization or a group. Often a group of ensembles commissions a single composer to write a work that each ensemble then performs. The first performance of the piece by each group is considered to be a premiere of the work. Often this is a very good solution for all involved as it divides the cost of a commission between a number of ensembles, making the cost very reasonable for each ensemble, and guarantees the piece wide exposure for the composer through multiple performances. A win-win situation!

You may be asking, "but isn't this expensive and somewhat of a luxury for the average school, college or ensemble?" I believe that it is actually very cost-effective, considering the benefits.

2019 Commission Fees

Grade 0.5      $   500
Grade 1         $1,000
Grade 1.5      $1,500
Grade 2         $2,000
Grade 2.5      $2,500
Grade 3         $3,000
Grade 3.5      $3,500
Grade 4         $4,000
Grade 5         $5,000

To inquire about a commission please contact me at: