Piano Arrangements

Since 1994 I have written over thirty arrangements of hymn tunes for piano. These are collected on four Cds that we released in 1997, 2000 and in 2003. The first of the two was released as part of a group of hymn arrangements for a variety of arrangers and performers on a Christmas Collection by Faith and Life Press. We did four arrangements for this CD with Lucia Unrau, piano.

Lucia and I did a second CD of my arrangements in 1999 for Faith and Life, the CD O' Let All Who Thirst. This was released on both CD and cassette and went into a second pressing.

In 2000 we had some left over arrangements from the F&L CD. We had originally designed the CD as a cycle of the church year, but the producers didn't want to compete with their own Christmas CD, so they asked us to add four different arrangements to the CD to replace the Christmas tunes. As a result, we had four arrangements from the Christmas CD and four more Christmas arrangements from this second CD already recorded. We decided to record four more arrangements and self-release the Twelve Songs of Christmas ourselves to coincide with Faith and Life's release.

Lucia and I gave up concertizing for the hymn CDs in 2002 to devote time to other ventures, but had already recorded twelve new hymn arrangements for a potential fourth CD. In 2003, in the shadow of both 9/11 and my father's death, we self-released the more meditative, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.

It has been very humbling to see how meaningful these works have been to people, and both Lucia and I have been happy to see them used in a variety of worship settings, as well as in concert and commercial settings. We thank all of the members of First Mennonite Church and Grace Church in Pandora, OH for their support over the years.

Check out all four CDs at this link: Hymn Arrangement CDs.