Duets, book 1

Duets, book 1 were written for the students of Ray Reynolds, band director in Alpena Michigan. The nine duets for piano and wind instruments are progressive, beginning with works appropriate for first year students through middle school. Each work is roughly 2 1/2 minutes long with piano introductions and interludes to allow young players a chance to refresh. The pieces are available for flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophones, bassoon, trumpet, french horn, trombone, trombone and tuba and mallets. All recordings are for 2 trumpets and piano.

Download the score or mp3 recording of the piece:

1. Cat and Mouse SCORE 1. Cat and Mouse MP3
2. Marching Song SCORE 2. Marching Song MP3
3. Night Aria SCORE 3. Night Aria MP3
4. Regal March MP3 SCORE 4. Regal March MP3
5. Folk Song SCORE 5. Folk Song MP3
6. Dawn Elegy SCORE 6. Dawn Elegy MP3
7. Sunset Waltz SCORE 7. Sunset Waltz MP3
8. Theme and Variations SCORE 8. Theme and Variations MP3
9. Dorian Fanfare SCORE 9. Dorian Fanfare MP3